With BlueMatch, we give you the power of choice! You decide which package is right for you and only pay for what you need. You can upgrade or downgrade your package at anytime.

Full Service With Transaction Coordinator


Due at Closing.
*Often Paid by Buyer

Great for individuals highly experienced
real estate negotiations.

  • MLS Listing Trulia, Realtor, Zillow, and others
  • Document Management
  • Contract Management
  • Access to Licensed Agent via Chat and Email
  • Professional Showing Service
  • Cancel Your Listing Anytime
  • Assistance with Title
  • Remote Closing
  • *Texas Law Requires you Upgrade to Full Service with Dedicated Agent. Transaction Coordinators are not permitted.
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Full Service With Dedicated Agent

Add $1,495

Great for sellers not experienced in Real Estate negotiations, processes, and individuals that don’t want to hassle with Real Estate transactions.

  • Everything in Transaction Coordinator Package Plus..
  • Dedicated Licensed Agent 7 Days a Week
  • Realtor Negotiation
  • Sign and Lockbox
  • Professional Photography
  • Weekly Strategy Meetings
  • In Depth Pricing Analysis
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Which Plan is Right for You?

If You Answer NO to 2 or more questions you should use our Dedicated Agent Plan

  1. Do you understand escalation clauses and how they work?
  2. Do you know what the average $ credited from sellers to buyers for inspection items?
  3. Do you have a solid understanding of real estate timelines, deadlines, processes and repercussions for failing to meet deadlines once you are under contract?
  4. In the event of an appraisal gap, do you understand the steps you will need to take to remain under contract while obtaining an optimal financial outcome?
  5. Do you have a clear understanding of what you must legally disclose about your home or property before listing it on the MLS?

See the Difference

Sale Price: $500,000

For Sale by Owner

Fees Vary

  • No MLS Listing
  • No Pricing Analysis
  • No Contract Management
  • No Documentation Management
  • No Title
  • No Paperless Process
  • No Data Driven Process
  • No Dedicated Agent 7 days a week
  • No Professional Showing Service
  • No Realtor Negotiation
Blue Match

No Commission

  • MLS Listing Trulia, Realtor, Zillow
  • Document Management
  • Contract Management
  • Access to Licensed Agent via Chat and Email
  • Cancel Listing Anytime
  • Assistance with Title
  • Remote Closing
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Traditional Agent


  • 3% - 6% Transaction Fee
  • MLS Listing
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Contract Management
  • Documentation Management
  • Title
  • Paperless Process
  • Data Driven Process
  • Dedicated Agent 7 days a week
  • Professional Showing Service
  • Realtor Negotiation

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For Sale By Owner

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