BlueMatch guarantees that you will receive a bona fide offer on your home within 90 days of the day you go live on the MLS. If BlueMatch fails to get you a bona fide offer within 90 days of going live on the MLS, we will refund any money you have put down and we will waive 100% of our listing fee ($2,995). Terms and conditions do apply and not all homes will qualify.

To qualify for our 90 day guarantee, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Vacant land or homes on more than 10 acres do not qualify
  2. Rural areas or land where average days on market can not be determined, do not qualify
  3. Homes priced more than 1% over suggested listing price, do not qualify
  4. If 10% or more of showing requests are rejected, you will not qualify
  5. If Buyer Agent Comp is listed at less than 2.5%, you will not qualify
  6. If home value exceeds over 50% of the average market in the area, you will not qualify
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  8. If home is under construction or in the building phase, you will not qualify

If you meet our criteria and BlueMatch fails to get you an offer on your home within 90 days of going live on the MLS, BlueMatch will refund any money put down and list your home for an additional 90 days commission free (Seller Side Commission Only).

* due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, additional terms and conditions may apply; please speak with your agent for additional information

** geographical restrictions apply